HUR is the industry leader in exercise equipment for active ageing, rehabilitation and wellness.

Every feature of HUR equipment has been designed to simplify use, ensure safety, and increase motivation. HUR fitness equipment match your body’s natural muscular movement using smooth air technology. The result is a safer, more effective exercise or people of all ages and abilities.

HUR machines target specific muscle groups in an ergonomic position. Its controlled resistance loading automatically adjusts as you progress to allow a safe and seamless movement progression.

HUR Senso

HUR Senso is a dual tasking falls prevention and cognitive/brain training platform designed to strengthen balance.

HUR senso is a ‘think and move’ integrated, fun and easy to use equipment that simultaneously improves physical and cognitive function through interactive motor training activities and gaming. The senso’s platform sensors dynamically capture all of the vital data with easy to understand results that ensure improved cognitive and physical activity levels for all users.