Group Classes

Welcome to our group exercise sessions!

Our exercise physiologists and exercise scientists have collated a series of group sessions to get you moving in a team-based environment.
Move it or lose it! MOVE is a dynamic and invigorating circuit based workout that will have you moving and feeling better than ever! This class is designed to target multiple components of fitness, including resistance, cardiovascular, core and balance exercises. Working through a series of stations, you’ll engage in a variety of challenging (but achievable!) functional movements that will improve your overall mobility, strength and coordination. Our EP’s will guide you through each exercise, ensuring proper form and technique to maximise your progress and prevent injury. MOVE offers a welcoming and safe environment that caters to all fitness levels.
Prefer something a little calmer with a low and slow burn? Reformer Pilates may just be for you! Our reformer Pilates classes incorporate stretch and strength as we utilise our reformers to get you moving. Using springs, we adjust the intensity to personalise the class to your ability, focusing on your form as we move through the exercises. Finishing off with a stretch, this session will leave you feeling refreshed and worked!
Join in on our tailored spin classes- an energising cardio workout that combines fitness and fun! Spin classes boost your cardiovascular fitness, promote a healthy heart, and also build lower body strength- a MUST as we get older.

What sets SPIN apart is the fact that it is gentle on your joints while still providing an effective workout. Whether you’re an experienced ‘spinner’ or new to the scene, MEDHP SPIN classes are the perfect way to build your fitness, strengthen your legs, and enhance your health and well-being.
MEDHP YOGA classes will leave you feeling energised and rejuvenated. Immerse yourself in a unique blend of breathing exercises, mindful practises, and empowering yoga poses. Tailored to your needs, our YOGA class emphasises gentle movements that enhance flexibility, improve balance, and promote overall well-being.

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, if you’re looking to unwind your body, let go of stress and cultivate a sense of balance, come and join us on a yoga mat.

Time Table

If you are looking for something a little more personal, buddy up and contact us about setting up a 2:1 session where you and a friend can come in for a session with one of our exercise physiologists!

Not seen anything that has piqued your interest, yet? Feel free to contact us with suggestions on what you would like to see! For now, here is our group class timetable below!
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The MEDHP Walking Group

MEDHP are introducing a walking group to members and clients who want a way to exercise socially. Including Bayside walks, hikes and bushwalks throughout Victoria, this group meets on a regular basis and is led by what you are most interested in achieving! If you are interested feel free to contact us for more information or to be added to our WhatsApp group!