Falls Prevention Programs

Focuses on standing and endurance exercises so participants can work on:
  • Lower Limb Strength
  • Core Stability
  • Posture
  • Gait Mechanics
  • Balance
This class is great for people with
  • Pre and post joint replacement
  • Post fracture
  • History of falls/fear of falling
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Muscle weakness of the legs or feet
  • Reduced balance
  • General decline in mobility
  • Diabetes
  • Numbness in legs/feet
Each person attending will get a take home program to continue their exercises

The ‘Falls Prevention Class’ times:

Tuesday 2pm-2.30pm
Thursday 2pm-2.30pm

All classes will be run by an Exercise Physiologist with a class size of 5 people – Book Now. Give us a call on 03 8290 0248 / 1300 863 347 or email admin@medhp.com.au
Are you over the age of 60? Have you ever had your balance assessed?
As we get older, changes in our muscle mass and body systems that keep us upright can lead to a greater risk of falling. Falls are the most common cause of both hospitalisations and deaths from injury in Australia.  Those who fall can suffer injuries that reduce mobility, independence, confidence and can lead to further negative health complications
Approximately 30% of people over 65 fall each year, and for those over 75 the rates are higher.
Research has shown that the introduction of a balance and strength program can reduce the risk of falls anywhere between 20-35%.
However, the good news is that you are able to significantly reduce your risk of falling by adopting a structured and tailored exercise program to remain strong, tune balance, and stay healthy.
Our team at MEDHP can help to assess your balance, discuss you risks, and guide you through a tailored exercise program to keep you strong, balanced and healthy for years to come.
For more details on our Falls Prevention exercise programs, call 1300 8 MEDHP (1300 863 347) to speak with one of our Exercise Physiologists.
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