Group Classes

MedHP group classes are designed specifically to suit your needs.

Download the GloFox app to book your classes:

There are several different options of class packs.

  • Casual Class – $40
  • 10 Class Pack – $350

All can be purchased through the admin team at MedHP. Or you can look at our fortnightly gym memberships which can incorporate classes as well.

MEDHP has a team of highly qualified and experienced Exercise Physiologists available via appointment.

Chronic conditions exercise physiologists can work with include cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal, neurological, oncology, and metabolic based injury, illness, or disease, so with an exercise physiologists help, we can tackle your health together.
During your initial appointment, our exercise physiologist will sit down with you to discuss your current health, medical history, exercise history and goals to get a better idea of what services will suit you best! From there the exercise physiologist may ask you to complete a series of simple assessments to gain a better understanding of your current function and mobility, leading into the design and build of your personalised exercise program.
Whether your program is designed to be completed at home or in the gym, there is an option to suit every person and lifestyle in combination of your chronic conditions and health status.
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