The purpose of your initial consultation is for the exercise physiologist to gather as much information as they can about you, to give you the most appropriate exercise program.

This will typically involve the EP asking you about your current health, your medical history, your exercise history, as well as questions around what health/exercise goals you may have.

Following this, the EP may take you through a series of movement assessments and some basic exercise tests to identify an appropriate starting point for your exercise program and what type of exercises will suit you best.

This depends on your goals, what you are trying to achieve from your sessions and what you and your exercise physiologist have decided is the best course of action.

Bear in mind though, exercise works best when it is done regularly, in a structured consistent program.  Incorporating exercise and a healthy lifestyle into your weekly routine will change your life.

Current recommendations suggest people should aim to perform around 30-minutes of exercise per day.  Some of this can be done at MEDHP, and some can be done from home.   If 30-minutes sounds a little overwhelming don’t worry!  This 30-minutes can be split into 10-minute or 15-minute intervals throughout the day- the outcome and fitness benefits are still the same!
Not at all.  MEDHP is a facility that welcomes everyone, no matter what your level of fitness or health.  You may have never exercised before, or you may have exercised all your life.  The benefit of working with an exercise physiologist is that they can tailor an exercise program specific to you and your current level of fitness.
A standard consultation (30-mins) with an exercise physiologist is $85.50.  If you have private health insurance with extras cover, you may be able to claim a rebate through our HICAPS facilities onsite.  The rebate amount depends on your insurer and level of cover, so to find an exact amount check with your health insurance company first.

If you are referred to MEDHP under a GP managed care plan (EPC), you may be entitled to a Medicare rebate of $55.10 per consultation (up to 5-consultations).

In addition to exercise physiology consultations, MEDHP has tiers of membership so that members may have access to our gym, our exercise classes and all the initiatives we have on offer.

These tiers of membership include:

Gym Only- $38/week- this gives a member access to our main gym room, including our state of the art HUR equipment, functional training area, and our cardio machines between 6am and 10pm, 7 days/week.

Gold membership – $54/week- gym + 1 MEDHP exercise class- in addition to the gym access mentioned above, Silver members also have access to one of our exercise classes per week.  Read more about our exercise classes below.

Premium membership – $68/week – this level of membership provides access to all the MEDHP offerings, including gym access, unlimited exercise classes, access to our MEDHP lecture/learning nights and the MEDHP active adventures.

Speak with your exercise physiologist or any of our MEDHP team who can help to decide which level of membership will be most suitable for you

The difference lies in the level of education, training and expertise delivering exercise programs.

Exercise physiologists are tertiary qualified allied health professionals who specialise in exercise for chronic conditions and injuries.  They have extensive training in working with people with a range of conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, neurological conditions and falls prevention.

MedHP is a health and wellness hub that is owned and run by Exercise physiologists and Doctors, who identified the need to provide a facility that bridges the gap between medicine and exercise.  Great care has been taken to set up a gym that is safe, nurturing, state of the art, and supportive of your and your exercise journey.

MEDHP uses state of the art HUR equipment that is easy to use, safe, and can comprehensively monitor and track your improvement and strength gains.  MEDHP additionally has Victoria’s only HUR Senso balance trainer, specifically designed to prevent falls and develop cognitive ability.  This balance training tool is a fun, easy to use piece of equipment that improves your physical and cognitive function through interactive training activities and games.

In addition to our gym, MEDHP offers a selection of group exercise classes.

MEDHP groups classes are specialised exercise classes designed and run and supervised by exercise physiologists and exercise scientists.  The MEDHP class offerings cater for all abilities and exercise tastes.

The MEDHP signature MOVE class is a combination of cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, balance, mobility and flexibility.

The MEDHP BEST BALANCE class is an exercise class specially focussed on balance, agility, coordination, reaction time and mobility- all important components for maintaining strong balance and body control.

MEDHP REFORMER PILATES classes use a combination of clinical pilates and traditional pilates movements to provide you with a comprehensive workout for your whole body.

MEDHP has a strong emphasis on community and social engagement and will be running ACTIVE ADVENTURES  throughout the year.  These adventures will be announced at periods throughout the year and give members an opportunity to train towards, and ultimately participate in outdoor events such as trail rides, bush walks, swim events, golf and tennis days, and paddle-boarding experiences.  These adventures are a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, and have fun in an active and healthy way.

MEDHP EDUCATE is our Doctor run education nights that will focus on relevant topics of interest throughout the year.  These nights will include presentations from a team of doctors, specialists and allied health professionals to give you a comprehensive understanding of a condition that may be relevant to you.  The topics of these education nights will include osteoarthritis, diabetes, weight loss, women’s health, healthy ageing, dementia etc…